VDI ecosystem

Consider the whole ecosystem and increase your margins

Device management

Remotely manage a complete fleet of corporate devices across Apple, Android, Chrome and Windows.

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Teradici's CAS Manager lets you configure, manage and monitor brokering of remote workstations

Contextual security

Bring together all the context and control needed to protect your digital workspace whilst allowing the access your users demand.

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Control real-time access to digital workspaces their resources, independent of the platform

Serverless printing

Modernise your print management by eliminating all print servers and delivering a highly available Serverless Printing Infrastructure.

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Centrally manage printers, drivers and profiles from any manufacturer without the need for print servers

Desktop virtualisation

Remote your desktop and start experiencing high-performance remote access from anywhere.

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Remoting software lets you choose any host environment, any OS and any endpoint device

Storage management

Computer data storage software for policy-based provisioning and management of data storage independent of the underlying hardware.

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Eliminate storage silos with Nexenta's open source-driven software-defined storage

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Google Classroom Practice Sets

Power student potential with Practice Sets from Google

With practice sets, teachers can leverage their existing content or create a wide variety of interactive assignments from scratch to provide more engaging work that students can enjoy, all inside Google Classroom. Students get immediate feedback when they answer questions thanks to auto-grading, and teachers can spend less time reviewing progress with automated insights and reports.

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