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Trilby TV is a simple to use digital signage platform made for education.

Digital signage is the perfect medium for promoting and reinforcing different messaging across your school. Having a digital signage platform which works with multiple screens means content can be dynamically changed. It can also be easily kept up to date as approaches and actions change.

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why trilbytv?

Digital signage made for education

TrilbyTV is the number one digital signage platform for education. The team have over 30 years of education experience which drives them in their mission to build whole school communication, boost community cohesion and enhance parental engagement.

The TrilbyTV platform is an easy, cost-effective way for you to grow your digital signage estate and #SwitchOnYourSignage. It really does make it simple to add and manage content so even the busiest school can have up to date screens.

TrilbyTV​ features

TrilbyTV is the number one digital signage platform for education.

Unlimited screens for education

TrilbyTV offers an unlimited screen subscription letting you connect as many screens as you like. You can start with a one or two screen subscription and grow as you need.

Your content on your screens

As a school, you're already creating loads of beautiful content in the classroom and beyond. TrilbyTV gives you a great place to share it alongside messages and school information.

Content Catalogue

The content catalogue is a collection of pre-made content and templates from hand-picked partners, ready to use on your digital signage.

Familiar hardware

TrilbyTV can playback your content on all common devices. If you already have a TV screen, you probably already have a suitable player device. Visit the app store on the device and search for TrilbyTV Player.

your digital signage journey

Use digital signage to reinforce messages for education

To help you on your digital signage journey, here are five ideas from the TrilbyTV team. Use them one by one or as part of a bigger strategic plan.

One that is simple and easy to understand that you can update yearly. So you can measure your outcomes. 

This is a perfect way to promote your schools brand. users will need guidance when adding content so make sure your logos, fonts and colours are available to everyone. 

The world of signage hardware can seem complicated and some hardware players need additional management skills. 

Students are perfect content makers and know a lot about technology, this could be an opportunity to make content creation part of their curriculum so your students can express their voice and have a sense of ownership. 

Growing your digital signage estate will help build whole school communication. Any screen can be a digital signage display. 

Are you ready to switch on your signage?

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