Discover the five advantages of combining IGEL OS with LG thin clients.

Discover the five advantages of combining IGEL OS with LG thin clients.

The combination of IGEL OS software and LG thin clients represents an ideal solution for any organisation looking to furnish its people with secure, reliable, high-performance cloud-connected endpoints.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of combining LG thin clients with IGEL OS.


IGEL OS and LG thin clients are both inherently secure by design. IGEL OS is a Linux-based, read-only endpoint operating system. LG thin clients take hardware security to the next level by integrating processing power, memory and local storage inside the display enclosure.

Highly personalised

Customise your IGEL OS based on the company, department and user requirements. Administrators can assign specific preferences, such as preferred mouse-click, by department or user. The form-factor design of LG thin clients fits well with end-user needs: with no cables connecting the display element, the thin client inside all-in-ones has one less connection to worry about. These devices are perfect if you want the uncluttered company look.

Efficient and green

IGEL OS is efficient and less demanding on CPU and memory resources, requiring a 1 GHz processor and 2 GB RAM. LG thin clients also use less energy than traditional businesses PCs, helping lower your carbon footprint while saving money. LG all-in-one thin clients offer even more energy efficiency since their power requirements are lower than a combination of a PC or a thin client with an attached external display.

Great user experience

A great user experience consists of a working environment that matches the needs and preferences of the user. IGEL OS offers excellent performance with its lightweight architecture and lack of overhead. It also stays current with the latest unified communications software, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Likewise, there is an ideal LG thin client form factor for every user, configured with all the processing power, memory and storage required to run any mix of applications.

Easy to manage and scale

IGEL OS includes the Universal Management Suite (UMS) software that is legendary for its ease of use and scalability. Enabling complete management and control of up to 300,000 IGEL OS-powered LG thin clients from a single console, the UMS can vastly reduce the time needed for administration. These are just some reasons why combining LG thin clients and IGEL OS is a positive move for any organisation. With more organisations looking to access cloud-delivered digital workspaces with improved endpoint device security and energy efficiency, LG and IGEL offer combined solutions that are second to none.

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