1:1 programme

Providing technology equality across schools

Getech and a one-to-one device strategy can help you unleash the power of technology to transform teaching and learning wherever it happens. In the classroom, across campus or at home.

As a Google for Education Premier Partner, Getech has seen first-hand the changing ways in which lessons are delivered and how technology has become an ever more important tool for students to engage in their learning journey, both at school and home.

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What is 1:1 or one-to-one computing?

A 1:1 programme allows you to move technology out of the traditional ICT suite and directly into the hands of each learner so they’re empowered to achieve more.

A device per pupil is a real enabler for improved learning outcomes. It ignites creativity, encourages independent thinking and allows personalised learning experiences that support each individual student’s needs.

There are so many reasons to go 1:1.
Here are just a few.

With a dedicated education team to support you, and partnerships with trusted vendors such as Acer, Lenovo, HP, and Asus, we’re in a great place to help you realise your 1:1 computing vision.

For students and parents

Improved engagement

Personalised learning –

Personalised learning – Ideal for supporting learners with SEND

Access learning from anywhere

Getting Work ready

Better insight for parents

For teachers

Break free from the traditional format

Bring learning to life

Less admin, more time

Great visibility of progress

Meaningful feedback

For school leaders

Learning continuity

Level the playing field

Empower teachers and students to achieve more


Steps to 1:1 computing success

We believe that a successful 1:1 deployment is about so much more than just buying the devices. It’s what you do with them that counts. To be sure your 1:1 programme delivers the benefits you set out to achieve, consider all these important steps in your plan.

Step one is to create your EdTech plan. It doesn’t have to be huge and convoluted.

It just needs to be clear, actionable and help you easily articulate your vision, milestones and progress.

Share your plan and vision early to secure buy-in and support from key stakeholders.

Your SLT all need to commit to the digital transformation journey, whilst teachers need to believe in the benefits. Governors and students will want to understand impacts too. As will parents, especially if you’re considering a parental contribution approach to funding.

We will help decide on the right devices to include in
your programme that complements both existing systems and a school’s
wider technology strategy.

Your 1:1 investment will only deliver real return when it’s being used. So banish those devices from the trolley or cupboard and get them used in every lesson, across the whole curriculum.

To do that, your plan needs to consider how you’ll train teachers, foster confidence and shift to a more digitally inclusive approach. 

Create a forum to get feedback from all your stakeholders, then show how you’re addressing it to help keep them engaged and committed.

Every academic setting and its people are different, so it follows that every 1:1 deployment will be different too. Expect to get some teething issues and a few barriers to adoption in the early days, so build this into your plan.

Training services for 1:1 success

Embed 1:1 use in lessons to realise true return on your investment

Your investment in one-to-one devices will only deliver real return when the technology is being used. The more devices are used in every lesson across the whole curriculum, the more creative, explorative and personalised learning experiences can happen.

Build a tech-confident faculty & IT team in your school or college

Say goodbye to devices gathering dust in a cupboard because nobody knows how to use them. We’re here to support you over the lifetime of your 1:1 deployment and beyond. 

We’re proud to be a trusted partner for educators as they embrace the benefits of using technology to support teaching and learning. Our services will upskill teachers and supercharge their confidence, as we demonstrate just how accessible, enjoyable and essential technology is for effective curriculum delivery.

Go 1:1 with EQUAL IT

Parents can now influence how their children use technology in the classroom.

Equal IT is our a fully managed, cash neutral parent partnership programme for 1:1 Chromebook deployments. It ensures students have equal access to the technology they need to support and enhance their learning experience, without using a school’s IT budget.

With Equal IT, schools have an alternative method to close the IT skills gap in education whilst continuing to develop their technology-based learning.

equal it case study

1:1 Programme deployment– Devonport High School for Boys

Learn how Getech’s Equal IT programme successfully delivered a 1:1 scheme ahead of schedule.

Benefits of EQUAL IT

Easy to launch with light-touch admin for schools​

The managed process provides a customised portal, specially built for each programme, which manages the full range of technology products on offer to students. The order process and delivery is handled by Getech.

Equal IT can help with your Digital Inclusion Strategy

Digital Inclusion can help to improve overall computing confidence and boost the general IT skills of students. The affordability of the Equal IT programme makes IT more accessible for all.

Introduce new technology into the classroom

Using technology in the classroom can help improve a student’s overall engagement in their individual learning. Equal IT offers students the chance to own the latest technology devices, for use at home or in the classroom.

Sign-off and governance for school

Getech will work collaboratively with each school to ensure that they are happy with the range and affordability of devices on offer to the students.

Cash flow neutral

Equal IT is a cash flow neutral programme. Unlike some other 1:1 computing programmes, we don’t ask for a cap-ex investment upfront to cover the costs of the student devices.

Learn more about the benefits of EQUAL IT

Go 1:1 in your school

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