LEGO® Education
SPIKE™ Essential

LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential ignites primary school pupils’ passion for STEM learning through playful problem-solving, preparing them to be resilient, independent thinkers.

The system encourages learners to investigate STEM concepts while contributing to literacy, maths and social-emotional development. Curriculum-aligned learning units use everyday themes, relatable Minifigures and familiar elements to solve problems through storytelling.

LEGO Education SPIKE Essential

lego education spike essential

It's time to rethink learning

LEGO Education SPIKE Essential engages pupils in hands-on investigation of STEM concepts while contributing to literacy, maths and social-emotional development. Curriculum-aligned learning units use everyday themes, relatable minifigures with different personalities and familiar LEGO building elements to solve problems through storytelling.

spike essential classroom

True cross-curricular STEM solution

Support whole-child development by purposefully and naturally integrating literacy, maths and social-emotional learning into STEM lessons. All of the SPIKE Essential lessons are designed with a consistent structure and flexible built-in scaffolding to help pupils grow into independent STEM thinkers.

Engaging problem-solving activities with relatable minifigures

Ignite primary pupils’ interest in STEM with playful, hands-on lessons that instantly appeal to the age group. Pupils use everyday themes, relatable minifigures with their personalities and storytelling to solve problems in an engaging and meaningful way.

Progression of learning year after year

Expand pupils’ knowledge and skills year after year. Start simple and progress through primary years using stackable LEGO bricks, simple hardware and an intuitive programming progression from icons to word blocks. This prepares pupils for more advanced opportunities with SPIKE Prime, through a consistent learning unit structure using the same app.

Unlimited learning opportunities

Enable deeper learning by building pupil and teacher familiarity with the LEGO Learning System’s full range of interconnected solutions. Combine SPIKE Essential with other solutions, like BricQ Motion, to unlock additional learning opportunities that keep pupils engaged and excited.

LEGO Education SPIKE essential

spike essential

What's in the box?

449 LEGO elements, including intelligent hardware

Pupil-facing app including all learning activities

Curriculum-aligned lessons for lower primary, upper primary and competitions

Comprehensive lesson plan featuring 50 hours of instructional content

Classroom implementation support, assessment tools and resources designed for class-based and hybrid learning

Self-guided professional development


Intelligent hardware to build smart creations with immediate response

Create engaging, interactive models by connecting the intelligent hub, motors, a light matrix and a colour  sensor – to bring STEM concepts to life.

Small angular motors function as both a motor and a sensor which can monitor speed and position.

Colour sensor detects colour, reflectivity, or ambient light.

3x3 RGB light matrix
can display 10 different colours and dimming options.
Small hub: A programmable control unit which powers the other motors and sensors.
LEGO Spike essential model

lesson plans

SPIKE Essential curriculum

Teachers receive five units of 6-10 hours of learning.

Units include 5 to 7 45-minute lessons, a 30-minute ELA and maths extensions.

Children are introduced to the following concepts:

  • Computational thinking
  • Testing and debugging sequences
  • Brainstorming solutions
  • Designing and refining prototypes
  • Understanding types of energy
  • Cause and effect between objects
  • Using observation skills to anticipate new outcomes from changing inputs
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